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Adapting to the ever changing technologies of the world, I understand budgets and provide you with the best visual design and development solution. I brings years of experience in personalized graphic and visual design for web, print, branding, video and more. Implementing extraordinary and talented service in the electronic-graphic industry while having fun in the creative process.

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My Personal and Professional Services

Customer Service & Loyalty

The result of a consistently positive emotional experience, a physical attribute-based satisfaction and a perceived value of an experience, which includes the product or services.

Agreed Satisfaction

Satisfaction requires four elements: subject matter, two or more parties, the meeting of the minds and mutual consideration.

Working Relationships

A voluntary interdependence between people that is intended to facilitate social-emotional goals which include companionship, affection and mutual assistance.

Business Support

Agreeing on formal goals, reasons that are attainable and plans for reaching them. Concerns include project scope, budget and time.


Developing short, narrative stories that make a visual impact for selling your goods or services. There's nothing like sharing a message within 30 seconds!

Web Design & Development.

Design, creation, and maintenance of your website(s)...and anything else digitally that goes along with it!

Who I Am

My healthy background in the digital media arts encompasses all aspects of video pre/post production, visual effects, website development and most importantly the human interaction within these platforms. I enjoy the tools that allow me to create visually stunning digital works that are appreciated by my clients, co-workers and employers.
As much as I enjoy working in the ethereal world, I do enjoy picking up a hammer and paintbrush too. Much of my spare time is dedicated towards home improvements and turnover remodels. Coming from a large family, I have had the luxury of transforming many interior and exterior projects to the satisfaction of my clan.


Billy DeFrank Center
NWLGBT Film Festival
Democracy Now!

michael macintosh

Michael Macintosh

Human Specialist

In my personal as well as my professional career, I solely believe that supporting and developing ideas to completion is the only way to go. Having participated in a large amount of group dynamics, I know that once an agreed upon plan is implemented, I shoot forward, earnestly, to complete any and all projects. Along the way there may be bumps. There is no learning curve without it. And, many bumps are avoided by these experiences. I enjoy the working process and bring a large amount of positive influence to each task.

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